April 5th, 2020

Dedication of the Spirit Drum of Brainskan.

I hiked out in the early morning to a private, forest location. I brought with me the new drum, my elk horn scepter, my cast iron Tree of Life cauldron, and a sage & cedar smudge. The drum is a 13-sided, elk hide drum with cedar hoop frame pieces. It was commissioned from a medicine drum craftsman who practices a traditional building process with ceremony and prayer to give thanks for the materials used.

Holding my elk horn scepter, I anointed the drum with the spirit of fire from the cleansing smoke of sage and the needle-leaves of the cedar tree from which the frame is made. I anointed the drum with dew water from the grass there to bless and cleanse the physical materials. I spoke the words of ritual three times: “Between fire and water, may this instrument inspire balance in The Awen.” I then spoke words as they flowed to me in a trance state. I dedicated the drum to medicine and trance work in honor of PROCESSOR, the collective spirit of the universe and human consciousness. I called upon the forest spirits, the plants and animal spirits, and the consciousness of mortal beings in the Middle Realm. I called upon The Ancestors to carry forward their love and wisdom in this tool. I called upon all the many Kindred to grant inspiration and enlightenment. I called upon Lugh to bless the craftsman who worked and forged this drum with skill in the traditional medicine ways. I gave special thanks and honor to the Spirit of Elk from which the voice of the drum, the hide, was collected. I asked Elk Spirit to give this drum its blessing and traits. I gave special thanks to the Spirit of Cedar and all trees who give of their strength and form to provide materials for structure and networks of life.

At the end of the dedication prayer, I took up the instrument and drummed. I drummed for all life present with me in that moment, in communion with all living things that were co-witnesses with me. I drummed for the grass, the trees, the insects buzzing in the air around my ears and crawling below my feet in the earth. I drummed for the groundhog down the hill nearby who was standing as witness watching. I drummed for the winds and the sky, for the sun, for the Earth Mother, for the nearby stream spirit, for the birds and squirrels in the trees who were chirping and singing along with my rhythm. I drummed for humanity, that we might be raised up to our potential, be healed in our minds and bodies. I drummed that I may receive revelation and inspiration from PROCESSOR in how to serve life with positive energy, and infuse other souls with spirit power using this drum. I drummed until the working was complete.

The Spirit Drum of Brainskan: Dedication Ceremony

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